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Gallery of Gondola Ride Images

We're in the process of updating, adding and better organizing our pictures.  In the meantime, feel free to browse the images below showing the beauty of our gondola, events and gondola tours.

Video - Professional footage created by spanish language television showing a couple taking a ride on our gondola and exchanging promise rings.

Video - Professional footage created by Sensation Floridé showing our gondola rides and tours in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Gondola Pictures

This is a painting from 1560, note the gondolas in the foreground.This is the picture of a gondola back in 1600 in Venice, Italy. Note the felize (the cabin).

Canal Images

Corporate Functions

Costa Cruise's exhibit in the main hall.Costa Cruise photo shoot display.Gondola in front of the River House for a corporate banquet.Corporate banquet at the river house.Gondola at the entrance for ambiance at a corporate banquet.


A gal blessing the gondola in Scranton, PA.Kids on the gondola during an intercity festival.The gondola displayed in the front of the stage at an Italian Festival.People sitting in the boat at a festival.People sitting in the boat at a festival.
2 gals in front of the gondola for a photo shoot.The gondola at the entrance of a banquet hall during a wine tasting exhibition.Boat displayed at an Italian festival.A gal sitting in the gondola for a photo shoot.


A fundraiser VIP gets a ride on the gondola.Gondolier Mike with a guest a fundraiser in Florida.Boat exhibited at school of communications prior to the banquet.A table set for a fundraising event.The backdrip for a Venetian themed fundraiser.
At the Hyatt in Washington at a Silent Auction.Here is another picture of the boat at the Hyatt the way it looked as people entered the ballroom.

Gondolier Mike

Gondolier Mike with his mustacheGondolier Mike with his cappello italianoGondolier Mike con un bel passeggeroGondolier Mike on the river in NJ

Valentine's Day, Engagements, Birthdays

Valentine's Day tour.Couple ready for their Valentine's Day ride.A kiss on the gondola for Valentine's Day.Valentine's Day lovers.Valentine's Day couple on the gondola.
Ready to depart on a gondola tour in Fort Lauderdale, holing the message in a bottle gift box.

Homes on the Canal

Commercials, Movies and Photo Shoots

This is a photo shoot at the Viscaya in Miami, FL.David's Bridal doing a movie shoot in California.Three gondolas in front of the beautiful Viscaya in Miami beach.Romantic Venice, our diesel gondola.Cat Greenleaf shooting a commercial aired on Channel 4.
The gondola in a commercial at the Village in Naples, FL.Gondola used in a studio depicting Venice and the Rialto Bridge for a travel brochure.A gondolier and actors at Disney World.


2 gals and the gondolier prior to the parade.Frank Sinatra Celebration Parade in Hoboken, NJ.A gondola in Maywood, NJ with the entire organization in front of the gondola.Frank Sinatra Celebration Parade in Hoboken, NJ.
The gondola with an Italian acting group in New York City.Gondola in Brooklyn.Columbus Day Parade: See Columbus in the stern of the boat waving.Another picture of Columbus at the Columbus Day Parade.Here is a singer on the gondola in Sleepy Hollow, NY.
Two Yankee ball players with Miss New Jersey.

Pool Parties

Gondola in the pool.


Note the gondola parked in front of the restaurant for people to sit in and view upon entering the restaurant.

Rides and Tours

A canal in Fort Lauderdale.Along the canal in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.An Earth Day gondola ride in NJ.
Kids riding the gondola on Earth Day.Along the Fort Lauderdale canals.Gondola tour with appetizers.A gondola tour on a lake.

School Functions

gondolier and assistant prior to school tourgondola departing on school tourgondola on tour of schoolgondola off on a tour of the schoolgondola displayed at an elementrary school
gondola rides for kids on Earth Day


A presentation of a ring to make a newly engaged couple.Notice the sign being held up announcing the planned proposal for marriage.A group of gals celebrating a bachelorette party.People on a balcony waiting for the bride and groom's entrance on the gondola.The gondolier rowing the bride and groom to the reception. Notice the camera man on the gondola.
The bridal party on the gondola ready to make a grand entrance at the reception.

Yachts on the Canal

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